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Transfercare Protectors Inc. world renowned leaders in funeral fine art, collectibles and  limited edition sculptural  urns, is  proud to present:

 Keepsake Precious Pens

Handmade Memorial Natural Wood Collection.

After extensive research and  development Transfercare Protectors Inc. and world renowned  master craftsman Dean Hofer Present  " Keepsake Precious Pens

 These keepsake memorial pens, are made of solid unstained woods from around the world. The turned wood reveals God's hidden natural beauty in each Keepsake Precious Pen.

The finish brings out the beauty including contrasting veins of color. Other woods may have solid colors.  The natural beauty of wood is something that cannot be fully captured by plastic. As unique as a person's fingerprint, the wood grain in each Keepsake Precious Pen is unlike any other.

-Every Keepsake Precious Pen is accompanied with an elegant memorial  leatherette and velvet case together with

 a wood identification card and description of our Precious Pen's features.

 -Custom laser engraving is also available .

-A wide variety of fonts or custom logos are available. Your own logo may also be used.

-Additional modified ink refills are available

-They are handmade in the USA.

-Each Keepsake Precious Pen is turned, finished, hand assembled and inspected by our dedicated craftsman.


 A small portion of human cremated remains and or pet ashes, a lock of hair or any keepsake you choose are placed inside a small sealed tubular vessel , which is then nestled into the upper portion of your precious pen where they will rest forever.

 The natural charm and warmth of wood gives natural beauty to memorialize your loved one.

Your Keepsake Precious Pen will bring you warmth and closure , knowing your loved one is near.  Whether you choose to have,  hold or display, you will never be without that special person or special pet. .

Unlocking the hidden beauty of wood


A precision hole is drilled into each wood  pen blank. A seamless brass tube is then bonded into this blank for strength and for turning on a lathe.


The pen blanks are carefully hand turned on a high speed lathe, the wood pen barrel is micro-sanded to an extremely fine 1200 grit surface. It is then heat sealed with a special coating to enhance and preserve the wood's natural beauty.


After the barrels have been turned and finished, each Keepsake Precious Pens is carefully hand assembled .Quality gold plate parts are used throughout this process.


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