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Transfercare Protectors Inc., leaders in  Funeral  Fine Art Collectibles and Limited Edition Sculptural urns  commissions World Renowned European sculptress - Shahin Atigheh .


 Shahin Atigeh has a  philosophy  of love that she has always wished to share.  Coming from another country, she was entranced with the openness of the American culture .She experienced the  beauty and sensitivity of men and women being free to express human emotions ......the love between them , and the children, and the animals of nature. She speaks of it to the world through her art. Now she is eager to share it with others, to reach as many people as possible .


She expresses herself with bold simplicity . For she knows the deepest emotions are expressed through simplest form.  Her works possess spiritual voices that speak to the people. Listen....

For her first series of Funeral Fine Art creations, Shahin has created the Nature Series of Hand made Artstone cremation urns .Shahin presents her nature series in the natural medium and textures for which they represent.


Feel and touch the works of Shahin

Shahin's work is of monumental scale. Dealing with the interpersonal relationships of the human condition. Her lyrical abstracted human forms relate well to a outdoor public environment. The sculptures refined surfaces invite one and all to approach, touch and embrace the work.

                                                                                           - Professor David Elder-

                                                                                            California State University


Love is simple.

Love is a state of being

Love is spiritual.

Love is natural.


Love has humor.

Don't question it.


Accept it .


It belongs to all people.


Love is unconditional.


-Shahin Atigheh, Artist

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